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Councillor – Robin Lucas

Robin Lucas Milford Ward T: 07977 007700 E:  

Councillor – Steve Dale

Steve Dale Witley East Ward; Lead Member for Witley T: 01428 681356 E:  

WPC Office Details

Clerk - Sarah Nash E: Assistant Clerk - David Ralf Council Office, Milford Village Hall, Portsmouth Road, Milford, Surrey GU8 5DS Open: Monday to Friday 9.00am - 12.00 noon T: 01483 422044 (Answerphone at other times) Fax: 01483 411957 Meetings of the Full Council are held in the Burton Pavilion, Milford Heath, Petworth Road Milford at 7.50pm [...]

Councillor – Louise Mills

Louise Mills Witley East Ward; Lead Member for Brook and Sandhills T: 01428 682414 E:  

Councillor – Tony Sollars

Tony Sollars Milford Ward; Chairman, Planning Committee E:  

Councillor – Gillian McCalden

Gillian McCalden Council Chairman Witley East Ward T: 01428 682405 E:  

Councillor – David Ingram

David Ingram Milford Ward, Lead member for cemeteries and churchyards T: 01483 420262 E:  

Councillor – Graham Hewett

Graham Hewett Milford Ward; Chairman, Finance & General Purposes Committee; Lead Member for Milford T: 01483 417495  

Councillor – Julie Grist

Julie Grist Witley East Ward; Chairman Amenities & Environment Committee; Lead Member for Allotments; Lead Member for Witley T: 01428 683448 E:  

Councillor – Maxine Gale

Maxine Gale Witley East Ward; Lead Member for Enton T: 01428 683055 E:  

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