Witley Parish Councillors have set the Council budget for 2018/19. This provides for a modest increase in the precept being the equivalent of £3.39 over the year for a typical Council Tax Band D household.

The increase reflects general inflationary pressures, the continued reduction in financial support from Waverley Borough Council and the need to maintain and improve services and amenities throughout the parish.

The Chair of the Council’s Finance and General Purposes Committee, Gillian McCalden explained

“The Council has undertaken a full review of its activities and attendant costs.  As a result of that review, we have been able to make savings and strike the right balance between reducing costs and providing the services which parishioners are entitled to expect.”

Note to Editors:  For 2018-19, the Parish will set a precept of £210,268 The expenditure budget for the coming year will be £253,085, which will be covered by £210,268 income from the precept, £20,963 from fees & charges, £15,029 grant from Waverley and the use of £6,825 from general reserves. The grant from Waverley, which has been reduced steadily over the years by 10-15% pa is expected to be £1,828 less than this year.