BT are currently consulting on the proposed removal of selected payphones in the parish.  Those listed are:

The red payphone on the Petworth Road, Witley GU8 5PL

The glass payphone on the Haslemere Road, Brook, Gu8 5UL

The red payphone on the Petworth Road, Wormley GU8 5SJ

The red payphone on the Brook Road, Wormley Gu8 5UD

The red payphone at Sunnydown, Witley GU8 GU8 5PR

The red payphone on Gasden Lane, Witley GU8 5RJ

The glass payphone on Station Lane, Milford GU8 5AU

Locally the consultation is being led by Waverely Borough Council and it is important to give them your views on the retention or otherwise of these payphones. Follow this link to participate in the consultation :WBC BT Payphone Consultation

Alternative contact the Witley Parish Council Clerk and she will ensure your views are forwarded to the appropriate Waverley Borough Councillor.

email the Clerk here