We appreciate the frustration users of the play area are feeling at the continued closure of the area we want to assure everyone that that since the two bouts of vandalism the Council has been moving the project forward.  Our primary concerns are the safety of users and to open the play area as soon as possible.

  • 27th September 2016: Claim lodged with insurance company.
  • During that week the Council made contact with the police.
  • Discussions also took place with Glendale – who cleared the site on the 25th September 2016 at the request of the police and also before the community group arrived – to ascertain if the bark could be safely cleared of glass.
  • 27th September 2016:  Photographs were taken of the play area for the insurers.
  • 14th October 2016: A like for like quote for the repair of the grounds was received.
  • 21st October 2016: quotation and additional information forwarded to the insurers.
  • 25th October 2016: Second bout of vandalism in the play area including more glass and we decided to investigate alternative surfaces.
  • 28th October 2016: We contacted the playground inspector for recommendations. While this did create a short delay, we invested time to allow us to select a surface that can be cleared quickly and safely in the future.
  • 3rd November 2016: Members of the Amenities and Environment Committee were advised of the timetable of repairs at their meeting on the.
  • 7th November 2016: During that week further information was sought on the grass alternative.
  • 14th November 2016: Alternative contractors were sought.
  • 13th December 2016: update with insurers.
  • We are awaiting the costs for both the grass alternative and the wet pour surface, the latter requested on the 13th December following the group meeting.
  • 19th December 2016: confirmation of the release of funds anticipated this week, the Clerk can then instruct a company in the New Year and the works will be completed when conditions allow.
  • Currently the ground is too soft for vehicles.

We will keep this website, our Facebook and Twitter pages updated on progress so that everyone is aware of our concerted efforts to open the play area as soon as possible.