Feedback from Network Rail on the incident at Milford Level Crossing on 2 July 2019:

Witley Parish Council made contact with the Route Level Crossing Manager at Network Rail after the incident that was reported on 2 July 2019. He conducted a thorough enquiry, looking at photographs and evidence from dataloggers, and concluded that the barriers were lowered as the fast train travelled through at 6.20am on 2 July.

He also said that barriers would not self-correct and that if an error did occur, the barriers would stay in their error state until they were fixed.

He explained that half barriers such as those at Milford are lowered and raised very quickly. They are lowered as little as 30 seconds before the train arrives and rise immediately after it has passed through. Someone looking back after the train has gone might see the barriers already raised.

The evidence that he shared convinced us that there was not a barrier malfunction on that occasion.

Which is not to say that we shouldn’t all remain vigilant. We believe that there was another incident on Sunday 18 August, although we do not have first hand reports of that. Please let the Parish Council, as well as Network Rail, know of any further incidents.