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    Witley Parish Council are in the process of contacting our Surrey County Councillors to help us adopt a 20mph speed restriction zone around The Chandler School and Barrow Hills School. If this is acceptable, it will make the roads safer for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists.

    What do you think of the idea?


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    I fully support and approve of this initiative.

    I have a question. I was instrumental in getting the 20 mph limit on Rake Lane which has some elements of engineering and traffic calming. Is it intended by the Council just to introduce 20s plenty in its pure form or do you envisage some traffic calming. If so who will pay for it because on Rake Lane we got a developer’s contribution from the developers of the Tuesley Hospital site.

    Kathy Smyth

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    I think speeding is a big issue around Witley Parish Villages. I would welcome further speed restrictions in our busy school areas. Agree with this suggestion that you are working on with the Surrey CC for Chandler school area. Also feel more needs to done at the Rodborough School end of Witley Village despite it being a main road I really don’t see why we could not have a 20 mile zone in school hours or 20 miles an hour “when lights flashing” signs operational in school opening and ending hours. I have seen this in other countries and it works really well. The same would also be useful for Milford Infants school entrance area which is also on a main road.

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    I totally agree with the 20 limit around the schools. Setting these limits is an excellent idea, but successfully enforcing them is a completely different matter. Petworth Road is a 30 mph limit from Chichester Hall to the Milford roundabout but the traffic, particularly HGVs, are constantly exceeding it. Something more than the basic speed limit signs, camera warnings for non-existent speed cameras and “SLOW” painted on the road need to be done. The pavement is very narrow in places which render parts of Petworth Road, including routes to and from the schools, extremely dangerous.

    John Leonard
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    Again, for this is the second time that I’ve commented on this forum, (Where is the first? ~ What has happened to democracy???), I wish to object to this proposal of “20 is plenty” as an unnecessary ‘waste of money’. Road side parking, and the actual sight-lines, automatically restrict the speed in this area.
    The government are looking at removing “Traffic calming measures” (Reducing the Nanny-state intervention) because they cause so many inefficiencies:- increased pollution from vehicles (not operating efficiently {low gear or idling}) / slows emergency responses / traffic-flow (in this case) will be @30% of it’s present rate. All round, you’d be inconveniencing (frustrating) most of the local residents.
    It is a complete waste of money.

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