Neighbourhood Plan (NP)

At an Extraordinary Meeting of the Council held on the 18 June 2014, Members unanimously agreed to start a Neighbourhood Plan (‘the Plan’) for the parish.  The formation of a Steering Group was also agreed.  Whilst the Plan is led by the Parish Council, everyone can be involved, indeed this is essential.

Neighbourhood planning is a new way for communities to decide the future of the places where they live and work.  The process for developing a Neighbourhood Plan is a lengthy one and over the coming months the Council will explain more about the Plan and how you can become involved.

There are 5 stages to the neighbourhood planning process.  This is a very brief overview:

Agreeing the Neighbourhood: This means defining the area to be covered by the plan.  At the Extraordinary Meeting Members agreed that the area should be the current administrative area of the parish and the Clerk was asked to write formally to Waverley Borough Council to begin the process of defining the neighbourhood area.  This will be widely advertised by Waverley Borough Council in due course and you will have the opportunity to comment to Waverley on the proposal.

Preparing your Plan:  This means you!  Over the coming months look out for further information on how you can become involved, what having a Plan will mean for you and your neighbourhood.  This information will be on our noticeboards and here on our website.

Independent Check:  The Plan will be subject to independent examination to check, amongst other things, that it meets the right basic standards.

Community Referendum:  Parishioners living in the neighbourhood, who are registered to vote in local elections will be able to vote.  If more than 50% of people voting in the referendum support the neighbourhood plan then the local planning authority must bring it into force.

Neighbourhood Plan:  Following a successful referendum the Plan is then brought into legal force, it forms part of the statutory Development Plan for our area. Consequently, decisions on whether or not to grant planning permission in the neighbourhood area will need to be made in accordance with the Neighbourhood Plan, unless material considerations indicate otherwise.

Updates from September 2014:

Designation of a neighbourhood area – an application has now been made to Waverley Borough Council (WBC) for the designation of a neighbourhood area. Representations to be made to WBC by Monday 20th October 2014. Please see the attached notice. Details of the area are shown in the attached map.

November 2014:

Designation confirmed – Designation of the neighbourhood area was confirmed on the 13th November 2014.  The WBC Executive agreed the area application from WPC for the purposes of the Witley Neighbourhood Plan.  The five day scrutiny call-in period then passed and their decision therefore stood.